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Enrique Martí

Enrique Martí is a Designer by vocation. From my early years I always enjoyed creating, playing with the shapes and materials, just investigating about how the things are made at the end.


Fate wanted my family was in the furniture business, so everything together made the perfect storm.I completed my career and master´s degree as Industrial Designer in my hometown, Valencia (Spain), where I learnt to love the light, the sun, the nature and the infinite colors of the Mediterranean sea too.


I joined the worldwide well-know Spanish Company Andreu World just a few days after, where I reached to be the Head of the Design Department.


After almost ten years I decided to found my own Design studio cooperating on the subsequent years with some famous Companies as Natuzzi, Ooland, Andreu World, Sancal, Kian, Kuka or Indecasa between many others.


All my grateful to them.My design philosophy could be summarized as follows: “To always try to provide the best designs which fit the particular needs and expectations of every single Company and user”.I think I´m very lucky to work in what makes me happiest, creating, modeling, solving problems… shaping day after day everyday items that I hope will help to make life easier, our environment much more humane, sustainable and friendly, using Design just like a powerful tool at people´s service.


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