6 pieces of furniture to create elegant and innovative designer kitchens.

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We would all love to have a designer kitchen at home, where elegant and modern furniture is combined with that fantastic comfort that we seek for daily life. Many do the impossible to achieve this goal; However, quite a few succeed.

And it is that a designer kitchen goes beyond a simple aesthetic issue. This is an irrefutable necessity in these times of globalization, when we live overwhelmed by so many obligations and have very little time to cook while we try to keep everything in order.

The kitchen is the space in our home where we usually spend the most time, becoming that meeting point to share moments and memories with those we love the most. Remember what our parents used to say: “Preparing something tasty is the best show of affection.”

At Ángel Cerdá we are aware of this and we have a wide range of designer furniture, which is focused on improving this area of ​​the house without detracting from that much-needed practicality to feel comfortable. Through the following content you will get to know them, informing you about what are those necessary alternatives to create designer kitchens that will leave everyone speechless.

Are you interested in meeting them? Forward!


1.- High chairs:

High chairs add value to designer kitchens, due to their ergonomic size that makes it possible to accommodate them in any area without hindering traffic or overloading the environment.

In addition to constituting itself as something inevitable to create a dining area with the American bar, where you can sit with your family during the day to share a good meal or talk about some important topic.



2.- Bar cabinet:

Bar cabinet in the kitchen? Of course! This piece of furniture will always transmit class and identity to that place that you enjoy so much, offering you a very practical space to store alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages along with all those implements that you need to enjoy incredible social gatherings.

You will find an endless number of bar furniture designs adjusted to your requirements and interests. So you will have no excuses to incorporate it into the kitchen for “not getting a suitable size”.



3.- Dining tables:

Choosing a suitable designer dining table is vital to dressing your kitchen with elegance. We recommend that you bet on minimalist proposals with light tones, which provide clarity and impose a select environment that will surely be greatly appreciated by all who live in your home.

Dining tables allow you to give free rein to that creativity present in your imagination, becoming that support to house countless objects capable of captivating the human eye.



4.- Sidewalks:

Small kitchen? Fixed! A stool will look spectacular in the dining area or under the typical breakfast nooks, which simplify your work due to its multiple uses. Especially in those homes with small children, where an ideal place is required to keep them in sight and can maintain contact with you.

It is also a magnificent option for receiving visitors, guaranteeing them a comfortable space when it comes to sitting at the table and starting a pleasant conversation.



5.- Sideboards:

A designer kitchen without a sideboard is like going to a restaurant where there are no waiters or places to sit. Sideboards have occupied a very special space in our lives, due to their countless functionalities in all existing domestic areas.

In this specific area it is a favorable option to keep everything in its place, because it has internal divisions that will serve as a storage tank for kitchen utensils or as a decorative complement to give an image of modernity.


6.- Shelves:

We end this ranking with the shelves. Although they may have similarities to sideboards, they could be considered as a designer furniture piece that has its own identity and needs to be chosen carefully.

A shelf will not only be a piece of furniture to keep everything in place, but also a wooden mosaic with an incomparable style to capture the essence of those who live at home with school memories or decorative items of high aesthetic value.



You have no excuses! You already know which are those pieces that you should buy to have a designer kitchen that makes a difference, standing out for offering you solutions instead of giving you a lot of work and making cooking or eating with your children unbearable.

Now it is up to you to continue with the same kitchen or renovate it by the hand of Ángel Cerdá, who puts at your disposal a magnificent team of professionals in interior design so that you can build a space adapted to your true needs.


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