The Minimalist Style produces emotional well-being

aparador Angel Cerdá
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Many people around the world are fans of minimalist decoration in their homes and work. Furniture with straight and simple lines, perfectly placed and decorated under the philosophy LESS IS MORE.

Angel Cerdá

One of the aspects that stands out the most in this type of decoration is order and cleanliness. And a recent study supports that seeing our house clean and tidy produces emotional well-being.

On many occasions, the decision to organize our shelves, closets, drawers or dressing rooms is not something planned, but rather spontaneous, the result of an outburst of need to organize the things that visually overload us cognitively.

It is important that we know that maintaining a philosophy of order and cleanliness has very positive points such as:

  •  Increases self-esteem.
  • Create healthy habits.
  • Increase productivity.

The research that supports this relationship between minimalism and emotional well-being was carried out between 2001 and 2005, but was released in 2012, under the title “Life at Home in the 21st Century: 32 Families Open Their Doors” .

In it, they analyzed the relationship between 32 families and the large number of objects they had in their homes. The exhaustive analyzes were surprising and showed that:

  • Clutter has strong effects on mood.
  • Self-esteem is affected if there is disorder in the home.
  • A large percentage of the stress suffered in a house is proportional to the amount of things they have inside.


Keys to achieving a minimalist style in your home:

Minimalism has a series of essential elements. Its objective is to provide maximum practicality in our daily lives and for that, it considers that it is not necessary to recharge it. Everything that is dispensable goes away. It is very possible that you will also have to make a decoration change that helps you organize and clear your environment of useless junk, which recharges your visual perception.

Some keys that can help you are:

  1. Clear walls: clear does not mean empty, using a painting or mirror can give a feeling of spaciousness and depth to your rooms.
  2. Angel CerdáFurniture with straight lines: The minimal look is characterized by furniture with a rectilinear design, matte finishes and without excesses. Avoid metals and their shine.
  3. aparador Angel CerdáPlain textiles, without prints: The most important thing is the base color, normally neutral, although you can see details in some colors that break and contrast.

camas angel cerdá

  1. Small details that matter: in an environment where there is not too much furniture, it is always appreciated to find small objects that spark inspiration.

mesas angel cerda

  1. Timeless pieces that stop time and capture the attention of your guests. A chesterfield is the clear example of a timeless piece to give style to our living room.

butaca angel cerda


So don’t miss the opportunity to organize a cleaning session and take the opportunity to organize your most habitable areas of the house, so that the well-being of you and your family flows continuously.


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